Seiji KAMENO, Dr.


Seiji Kameno is an astronomer studying active galactic nuclei using radio telescopes such as space VLBI

Curriculum Vitae
positionAssociate Professor
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kagoshima University
OfficeRoom#410, Faculty of Science Building#1 Phone/FAX : +81-99-285-8960
Paper ListRefereed Non-refereed

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Introduction of my researches (Japanese) 2008.2.27 updated
Reports in the ASJ meeting (mainly Japanese) 2006.4.3 updated
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Lectures in Kagoshima Univ.(Mainly in Japanese)
Scientific English 2008 2008.6.2 updated
Space Science 2008 2008.4.14 updated
General Space Science 2008 2008.4.14 updated
Phyics Wold 2008 2008.6.24 updated
Basic Physics AⅡ(for Department of mechanics) 2008.9.25 updated
Basic Physics AⅡ(for Department of construction) 2008.9.25 updated
Wave and Oscillation 2008.9.22 updated
Radio Interferometry 2009.1.27 updated
Lunch Talk 2006.6.9 updated
Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy 2006.6.9 updated
Colloquia 2006.6.9 updated
Science Partnership Project 2008.8.26 updated
2nd Asian Radio Astronomy Summer School 2007.8.26 updated
Einshtein Love 2008 (Japanese) 2007.8.26 updated
Research Tools
Flash Animations in open-house 2004.8.22 updated
Softwares 2002.6.26 updated
Data analysis using Mac OSX 2004.9.5 updated
Instruction about UNIX programming for model fitting 2001.1.4 updated
Usage of FITS library 2000.2.27 updated
Memorandom for mm-VLBI 2004.3.2 updated
Memorandom for math 2004.4.8 updated
Instruction for AIPS+DIfmap data reduction 2008.3.2 updated

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