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I am an astronomer now working at the Center for General Education, Institute for Comprehensive Education and the Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science and Engineering ( Faculty of Science), Kagoshima University . Here I wish to introduce my activities on astronomical researches, education and related issues. Both English and Japanese pages are now constructing. (Jump to Japanese home page.)

My curriculum vitae     ( Full version in PDF file     in Japanese)

Link to my team's home page    (Interstellar and Circumstellar Physics Team)

My current activities as an astronomer
    ( in Japanese, from the database of Kagoshima University)

    Papers and Proceedings
       Appeared in refereed journals and conference proceedings (In English and Japanese).     See also Directory Database of Research and Development Activities
    Scientific presentations
       Talks and posters appeared in latest scientific meetings and conferences (in English and Japanese).
    Recent and future research plan
       Resarch themes in Kagoshima University (in Japanese or English).
    Lecture notes
       Appeared in my lectures for milkyway.omy (in Japanese and English).
    Documents about AIPS data analysis
       Page for users of J-Net/VERA data.
    Public outreach events
       Astronomical/Scientific public outreach events organized by the Sapce Science Course, Kagoshima Univ (Japanese only).
    My public interviews in TV and radio programs, on newspapers and journals, as well as press release
       Including in voice and movie records as well as articles in newspapers (mainly in Japanese)
    Conference proceedings
       Proceedings of the conferences organized by myself.


My action schedule (Google calender, in Japanese)

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Back ground picture: Active volcano Mt. Sakurajima in the spring blue sky.
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