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phone +81-99-285-8012 (on duty, 10h-12h and 13h-14h on every Tue,Wed, Thu, Japan time UTC+8h)



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Sci.: seicenc
Eng.: engineering
Dent.: dentistry
Compre. Edu.: comprehensive education
Prof.: professor
Assoc. Prof.: associate professor
Assist. Prof.: assistant professor


namefacultytitlee-mailphoneoffice bulidingoffice room
Handa, Toshihiro Sci.Prof.handa <at> sci.8967Sci. Bldg. No.1, 3F303
Imai, Hiroshi Compre. Edu.Assoc. Prof.hiroimai <at> sci.8085Sci. Bldg. No.1, 2F206
Indo, Hiroko Dent.Assoc. Prof.hindoh <at> dent.6272(indirect)Dent. Research Bldg. 4F-
Ito, Hiromu Dent.Assist. Prof.not open6272(indirect)Dent. Research Bldg. 4F-
Kobayashi, Reiji Sci.Assoc. Prof.reiji <at> sci.not openSci. Bldg. No.2, 2F221
Majima, Hideyuki Dent.Honorary Prof.hmajima <at> dent.---
Nagayama, Takahiro Sci.Assoc. Prof.nagayama <at> sci.8958Sci. No.1, 3F355
Nakagawa, Akiharu Sci.Assist. Prof.nakagawa <at> sci.8077Sci. Bldg. No.1, 4F410
Nakanishi, Hiroyuki Sci.Assoc. Prof.hnakanis <at> sci.8963Sci. Bldg. No.1, 3F315
Nisikawa Kenjiro Eng.Prof.nisikawa <at> eee.8421Electrical & Electronics Bldg. 6F-
Oohata, Kenichi Eng.Assoc. Prof.k-ohhata <at> eee.not openElectrical & Electronics Bldg. 6F-
Shinnaga, Hiroko Sci.Assoc. Prof.shinnaga <at> sci.8960Science Bldg. No.1, 2F218
Takakuwa, Shigehisa Sci.Prof.takakuwa <at> sci.6047Sci. Bldg. No.1, 2F217
Tsukamoto, Yusuke Sci.Assist. Prof.tsukamoto.yusuke <at> sci.8961Sci. Bldg. No.1, 3F350
Wada, Keiichi Sci.Prof.wada <at> sci.8087Science Bldg. No.1, 3F306

administrative officer

nameofficee-mailphoneoffice location
Obara, KanakoAGARC HQagarc-adm <at> sci.8012edu. center bldg. 3F; research space No.2